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Hindu Wedding Adventure- Part I

October 23, 2013

Pinkster and I met freshmen year of college.  I had a very bad blonde dye job and she had an unfortunate mushroom haircut that year. Both little “I want to be boss” personalities, both incredibly stubborn and smart, with a strong desire to be leaders and do well in school. So it wasn’t a surprise that we became great friends, worked in the same student organizations trying to lead and make a difference… And of course, butting heads. Often. I was president of a large student organization junior year and she was vice president… I micromanaged a bit and she liked to occasionally challenge my plan and skirt the rules.  It was definitely memorable. But we stayed friends through it all and kept up after college through grad school for me and law school for her. And we both grew up and matured a lot. We’ve got a million inside jokes, stories and adventures together so I was thrilled when she called early in the summer to tell me that she and JD were going to get married.

JD was a year ahead of Pinkster in law school and is just a sweet and brilliant Southern boy. Even though he went to undergrad at our arch rival school and still likes to cheer for them, he got his law degree from our alma mater and he loves Pinkster to pieces… So I like him. They’ve been together for six or seven years so everyone was like “finally” when she finally said yes to his proposal. It has been an interesting experience for them because not only have they been managing two law careers in different cities, but her family is from India and are Hindu, while his family is from the Deep South and are Southern Baptist. So it has been a cool learning experience for all the family and friends to learn about the various cultural differences. There have been a ton of cool events between July and October that I’ve got to witness in my bridesmaid role and I’m going to chronicle them in a few different posts.

And to start with, a little look through the years at my friendship with Pinkster!

April 2002

April 2002

Sophomore year. April 2002, inductions as officers. Theo, Rach, Me, Biner and Pinkster. Now there are photos of us from freshmen year, but we both had not good hair experiences and I just refuse to publish them.

Summer 2003

Summer 2003

This was June 2002. It is actually one of my favorite photos of us, because it is so 100% typical of the two of us. We were tailgatinf before a Matchbox 20 concert the summer between Junior year and Senior year of college.



Don’t you love the old scanned pics? This is me, another college roomie Heather, and Pinkster right before our undergraduate commencement exercises in May 2004.

Feb 2006

Feb 2006

February 2006 out one night for Rach’s bday. It was my second year of grad school and the week before my comprehensive exams, so I took a break from studying to go out with everyone. It was Pinkster’s first year of law school and it was the first time I’d seen her in weeks we had both been so busy studying!

Fall 2008

Fall 2008

We had a college crew reunion one October weekend and all got together at my place in Gvegas. All grown up with real jobs and responsibility. This is at an Oktoberfest with Pinkster, me and Biner!

There are a lot of other photos between when we met in November of 2000 and this month we are in now. Lots of memories and good times, and hopefully more to come! Check back for entries on the Hindu wedding adventure! Next Hindu installment will be about the engagement ceremony!

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