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Throwback Thursday: Four Generations

October 10, 2013

For Translation Tuesday the other day I did ” Who are your people.” I thought for today’s Throwback Thursday I would throw it back about 32 years and share who some of my people are.

Four Generations of Women in my Family

Four Generations of Women in my Family


This is a picture from Labor Day weekend 1981. I was only a few months old and my parents made the trip down from Ohio to the South so that all of my Dad’s siblings and family could meet the first grandchild and the next generation. Clearly, I’m the baby in the center of the photo. My mom is the one on the right holding my hand. My Nana Louise, my great-grandmother, is holding me. To the left of me in the front is my Aunt Sue, behind her is my Aunt Heidi, behind my Nana Louise is my Nana Kris, my Dad’s mom and leaning over her is my Aunt Wen, who is also my Godmother.

Four generations of strong women in my family. I’m lucky to come from such a good group of people. Even luckier when you add in all the wonderful people from my Mom’s side of the family.

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