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Throw Back Thursday: Road Trip, October 2000

October 3, 2013

Since it is the first week of October, we will throwback to another October…

Back during the first week of October in the fall of 2000, I was a freshman in college. My first semester living in the deep South. I road tripped up to close to the Mason Dixon line with Gail and two guys we had met in college who were also from the same general area we had grown up in. We made the drive together and then separated for the weekend to all hang out with different friend groups who were at various colleges in the area. I got to spend the weekend with three of my dearest friends: the Bestie, TT and Val.

Me, the Bestie, TT, and Val. October 2000.

Me, the Bestie, Val, and TT. October 2000.

Please note my ridiculously blonde hair. What was thinking it dying it blonde all those years? I would love to be that skinny again though! Gotta love the early millennium styles…. small sunglasses, boxy coats, if the group photo was in color you could totally see the whitewashed color of the jeans. Not to mention the eyeliner. Only a little over a decade later and we have changed so much. Not only in looks, but in who we have become. Love these ladies. So happy I can still call them my friends and people I consider family!

Me and TT. The hair, the makeup!

Me and TT. The hair, the makeup!


The Bestie and Val

The Bestie and Val

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