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Translation Tuesday: Smothered and Covered

September 3, 2013

In fairness, we have had a relatively calm summer here in the South. It has been the 6th wettest on record and the heat wasn’t bad at all. We never even cracked the triple digit mark, unlike last summer when we hit 113 degrees in June! It has been pretty nice up until a few weeks ago and now it is so hot, I feel as if I can’t breathe.

I’ve talked about it on here in the past, how hot it can be and how the humidity descends around you like a warm and wet blanket. It has just been so nice for most of the summer, it lulled me into a false sense of security! So today’s translation is more of an observation, shared via an image on Pinterest, smothered and covered! Not only does smothered and covered refer to how you can have your hashbrowns served at Waffle House… it also refers to how it feels living in the humidity!

smothered and covered

smothered and covered


For those of you that have experienced the South in summer… do you agree?

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