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Lake View

April 29, 2013

As I’ve mentioned, it has been a busy spring semester… lots of travel, lots of events and then moving as a result of the break-in on top of it all. So when I made the decision to move out of downtown and into the suburbs, I knew I’d be facing a bit of a commute to work each day and I’d lose some of the fun of living downtown, but I knew I would gain peace of mind and a slightly cheaper gas price. One thing I didn’t count on was a great view as I scouted out new walking and jogging locations. I’ve found a lovely path that runs right along the lake, less than a mile from my house! Score! So a definite perk to moving out here have been these views of the lake on one side and view way off in the distance of downtown (it is about 15 miles). Really, how inspiring is it to see this while trying to get some exercise? Love the nature of the South!

Love the view of the Lake!

Love the view of the Lake!

And another view….


Last view


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