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Translation Tuesday: Odd Biscuit

November 13, 2012

Oh my, do I have a new phrase that has thrown me for a loop. The other day I was chatting with Gail and she just dropped this one on me: “The odd biscuit in the gravy.” Seriously? Gail, my fellow damn yankee who has transplanted to this southern land at the same time I did. She refuses to this day to use the word y’all, but she’ll drop a phrase like “the odd biscuit in the gravy?”

After I got over my shock (and I was shocked, but not quite as shocked as when she started using buggy all the time instead of grocery cart) I started to think about the phrase, and it got put on my list of unique southern colloquialisms. In short, the odd biscuit in the gravy is just a southern way of saying that person/situation (more often than not a person) is a little unique and not all together with it. Kind of like describing someone as an odd duck, but southern style. Heaven forbid we do anything like they do up North! And we have our own type of cuisine down here, and biscuits are hot on most menus, so why shouldn’t the word pop up other places other than on the dinner table?

So, what phrases are out there that I am missing? Are there other things you have heard of that made you just pause and think “what the heck does that mean?”

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