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Greek Festival Expedition(s)

September 15, 2012

Opa! I LOVE some Greek food, but I think I may have eaten a few too many pieces of baklava this week. My friends and I love a good festival, and with the great weather we have here in the South so many months out of the year, we get the opportunity for a lot of them… Okra Festival, Peach Festival, Coon Dog Festival… the list goes on. This week it was the annual Greek Festival. The whole city loves this festival; it is a tradition in the area and runs Thursday-Sunday.

One of the best thing about this event, is it does expose a lot of people to a different culture. Not only is there food (more on that later) but there is Greek folk dancing, Greek music, Greek items for sale and a whole exhibit on Greek history. Also, it is held on the grounds of the local Greek Orthodox Church, so they offer self-guided tours of their beautiful church. And it is beautiful. I always encourage my students to attend to learn more about a different culture.

As you all know from following this blog, I like food. So it will probably come as no surprise that I had two separate meals there this weekend. I had lunch there with my office one day and dinner there with a friend. Lunch was a yummy deal for $10. A whole half of a Greek chicken… seasoned with lemon and yummy spices, with a Greek salad, orzo with feta cheese, spanakopita and bread. So much food that I took leftovers home to have later! Then for $8 I had a veggie plate for dinner- humus with pita bread, stuffed grape leaves, olives, a hunk of feta cheese, and more spanakopita. Then desserts… oh, how I love Greek pastries. I have always been a fan of baklava. If you have not tried it before, go find the closest Greek place you can find and get some…. Honey, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla…. All wrapped up in a pastry, you can’t go wrong. While I did get some baklava while I was there, I found a new pastry that is even better- ergolavo with jam… It is basically two soft almond cookies made into a cookie sandwich with apricot jam in the middle and coated with almonds. I love almonds, apricots and sugar… so it is perfect for me as a dessert…. It has surpassed baklava. I didn’t think it was possible.

So, the Greek Festival has been my fun food and culture experience this weekend. Any great festivals in your area that you recommend?

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  1. September 16, 2012 12:45 am

    You beat me to the punch. I went to the Greek Festival in OKC today and will be posting on Monday. Pastichio, baklava, and the gyros all made me want to take a trip to Greece.

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