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Summer = Relaxation

August 5, 2012


Have I really not posted anything in over a month? Sheesh, what a slacker I have become over the summer. It is not like I have been totally swamped or not had a thing to write about…. No, it has been a pleasant and relaxed summer and I have a list of topics to cover. I guess it is just the summer pace… it is so relaxed and I am not on fast-paced schedule, so I am just don’t have a lot of motivation to do anything extra. Work is busy mid-May to late July, but not frantic like the rest of the school year. Our dress code is more relaxed… polos and khakis/ fun cotton sundresses more than dress pants/ties/ nice uber professional cloths. For me it means I am wearing more from the casual side of the LOFT store than the suit side. It is just a summer thing. But students and parents will descend on campus very soon, so it will be time to put away the flip flops and bust out the high heels in just a few days. All that being said, I haven’t been in my normal school year mode where I built in time to write… that ends soon, and I promise not to be so slack.

So, what does summer look like when there are not college kids around taking up so much of my time? It means relaxation. A quick look at summer in some photos:

1- Spend time at the Lake! Great way to cool off and enjoy being outside


2) Spend time with the fam!


3) Showing my friends around a bit of the The South when they come to visit. The Bestie, her husband Mikey and their little LiLi came to visit me in July… so off to Charleston we went, complete with a visit to Boone Hall Plantation!

LiLi is so smart… she was insistent on the book being turned in the right direction… even though she is only 16 months here.

The Bestie and I in front of Boone Hall Plantation. It is not a trip to The South without a stop at a plantation!


Mikey and LiLi on the tram tour at Boone Hall

4) You go to the pool…. a lot, and when your friends are in town… you take them too! I went almost everyday of my two week vacation and have gone most weekends this summer. So nice to sit and talk with friends, read a book and swim some laps. Great way to cool off!



5) Yard Work. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my Dad this summer, which has been a pleasant surprise. But that means I hang out in his yard A LOT, which is a beautiful garden. He has spent the month of July putting in a new bed with railroad ties and rock… here one part of it as it is almost done.


6) Eat ice cream. It is summer and it is hot as hell here. I have eaten a lot of ice cream and froyo as I continue the battle to stay cool. As a side note, the AC is working much better at my house since that last heat wave!


7) I have hung out with the sweetest little newborn I know… little Bimmer… Gail and Puff’s new baby! She is so sweet and I love being her “aunt” so much! I have gotten to spend some quality time with her this summer and am looking forward to a lot more of it this fall!

This is Bimmer on her BIRTH day in late May. So sweet.


This is Bimmer in early June when I made the trip up to GVegas to visit and help out for a few days. She wore her “Auntie Loves Me” onesie just for the occasion!


And this is sweet little Bimmer this past weekend when she and her parents came down for a weekend party with the crew here. I got her this bikini on the day she was born- how cute is it?!


8) I spent time with my awesome interns and the rest of the staff. It was a good summer in the office- here we all are at our last lunch before the interns left.


9) There isn’t really a picture for this, but I have seen a lot of movies this summer! A big shout out to Carmike Cinemas for their Super Saver Tuesday. $1.50 popcorn and $1.50 drinks. I think we ended up going once every other week!



So, what has your summer been like?

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