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Adventures in Babysitting…. sick day!

February 9, 2012

Sick day! But not a sick day for me, I am out at my Dad’s and home with MG. She was sent home from school yesterday with a fever and sore throat. Molly (Dad’s fiancée) is at a conference in Orlando, Dad took work off yesterday to stay with her and I took off today to stay with her. I mean, it is a bit easier for me to take off, I rearranged some meetings… I don’t have to run a restaurant like my Dad does!  Thus, I am on sick kid patrol for the day. I just talked to the work and apparently a construction crew invaded my office to work on some things, so maybe it is a good thing I am not there!

So MG and I are hanging out in the living room watching lots of TV and doing a whole lot of nothing. She is feeling much better (she was home yesterday too, she’ll be back in school tomorrow) and I am realizing that there is NOTHING on TV during the day that I will watch and she will like. So, since she is opting to hang in the living room with me, she has been stuck with the Today Show, MSNBC, House Hunters International and now a super old episode of Desperate Housewives. I am sorry, I just can’t do the Wizards of Waverly Place! We’ve done all of her homework though, played with Curtis the cat and had a healthy lunch. I just hope I don’t get whatever she has!  Being home with a sick kid has given me the worst craving for Snappy Tomato Pizza though. When I was home sick as a kid I remember that my Mom would order that for lunch and we would watch the old games how Hollywood squares. Man, I would love a hoagie from Snappy right now!

Hum, Boy Meets World is on… I loved that as a kid, maybe MG will like. Adventures in sick kid babysitting continue!

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