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Translation Tuesday: Kudzu

February 7, 2012

Kudzu. I have been obsessed with the stuff since I was a kid and we would see it on the long drive from the Fort down to the South. Have you seen this stuff? If you ever visit here you probably have, see this photo….





Kudzu is an invasive plant species that made its way to the US in the 1800s from Asia. I have always been told that people brought it over to help with ground erosion, but it clearly didn’t work…. It has just taken over. I kid you not, it just takes things over. It is a pretty looking green vine, with big leaves…. And it grows at an abnormally fast rate and covers anything in its path. Low bushes, trees, guard rails, billboards, even houses. Yes, I have seen houses covered in kudzu. It would easily take over roads if crews didn’t keep it cut back.

When collected in the right way I understand that it can be used for many things…. Including a very lovely paper. Granted, if it doesn’t get collected, it still grows like crazy and covers it all.

Plus, it is just fun to say… KuddZooooooo (I imagine doing that on repeat for eight hours like I did when I was a kid got old, sorry Dad).

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