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Books, Books and More Books

January 22, 2012

So, I LOVE to read. Seriously, give me a book in just about any situation and I am a happy camper. My Grandma used to always read to me when I was really little, I would always pick longer story books so bedtime could be put off a little longer. It was in 3rd grade or so that she bought me my first Baby Sitters Club book. My Aunt Heidi sent me a set of Nancy Drew books a year after that, and couple of years after that I delved into the Sweet Valley series (well, there were multiple series there). I am pretty sure that I read every book in all of those of series… I read at the table (horrible habit). I read waiting for dance lessons to start, I read by the pool (I still read by the pool).

Reading started out as a favorite hobby early on in life and is continuing into my 30s. My reading tastes have changed over the years though… the BabySitters Club is no longer in my rotation, but I am so happy they are making a comeback so I can get them for MG in a few years (I currently keep dropping off Boxcar Children books to her, she is slowly getting into them. Loved those too!) Anyway, I still love to read… Fiction, Biographies, chick lit, mysteries, historical recaps… really the only types of books I do not like are self-help books, westerns or science fiction.

I have a large pile of books waiting to be read…. It is literally covering the desk in my guest bedroom. It is a mix of so many different genres… Tom Brokaw’s Boom and Thomas Freidman’s The World is Flat are next to an Elizabeth Peter’s mystery and some random chick lit novel set in London. I have a weakness for the Barnes and Noble After Holiday sale (but I didn’t buy anything this year, yay) and I exchange books with the Bestie ALL THE TIME. I swing by the used bookstore every so often, and then I go to an amazing  conference each year where I get TONS of free books. Seriously, I take an extra suitcase each year so I can bring them all back with me!

The reason for this random post about books, is because it is January and that generally means I am reading a lot. I think it has something to do with it being winter and I’d rather be curled up inside with a good book than outside. But every January, I seem to go through a lot of books. I have read three in the last week alone. A historical fiction set in Shakespearean England (it wasn’t that great), a Sophie Kinsella chick lit novel (light and frothy, just like chick lit should be) and then a mystery set in Egypt in 1910. Up next is some non-fiction… Ted Kennedy’s autobiography and then a Jen Lancaster memoir (love her sarcasm)! What other good books are out there that I need to add to my list, once I get done with this massive pile?!

books to read!

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