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Translation Tuesday: The SEC

January 10, 2012

In light of the sixth consecutive win of a national championship in football by my favorite athletic conference, today’s Translation Tuesday was a no brainer to pick- the Southeastern Conference, or the  SEC.

Anyone who lives down here in the South lives and breathes college football. Seriously, everyone. Since the SEC is the dominating conference in football (okay and most other sports), everyone is up on what the SEC is, what is going on with it, and what it is all about. And it is many things, but one of them is breeding powerhouse football teams. It is just assumed down here that if you attend school at an SEC school, will see some amazing athletic games. You will also be attending football and basketball games in giant stadiums or arenas that hold thousands of screaming fans. Tailgating is a staple for anyone attending a football game. Student athletes making amazing plays, many of whom will go on to have professional careers. The SEC is a powerhouse… they do it big, they do it with flair, and power.

So, if you say SEC… many people may start to think the Securities and Exchange Commission. Or, the Scottish Episcopal Church (according to my Google search). But if you have any interest in college athletics or live in the South… you think of the best athletic conference on the planet. Seriously, six national football championships in a row! Not to mention the last three college world series wins! A big congrats to both ‘Bama and LSU on making it to the championship game  and way to go ‘Bama on that win!

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