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Wednesday Wedding Tips: The December Wedding

December 21, 2011

I went to a wedding last weekend and it was lovely. Two of my former students, who have since become my friends, got married and it really was the sweetest wedding. As I was sitting in the reception at the historic Westin hotel downtown, it dawned on me what a good idea it can be to have a wedding in December.

  • Decorations. If you plan a wedding between Thanksgiving and a few days after New Year’s, you may be able to save a lot of money on flowers or decorations. Not always, but often, the churches, halls or other venues that host wedding ceremonies and receptions will decorate for Christmas. Beautiful poinsettias, pretty Christmas trees, lots of twinkling white lights, garlands and big bows. Really, it can be very pretty in corners around the room, at the alter, in hallways and even bathrooms. And if it looks elegant and saves some money, it is just a nice bonus!

See the pretty tree adding so much to the room? Ignore the bad photo skills.

  • Gifts. For all of the guests attending these events and bringing a gift, a lot of things on registries can usually be found on sale. With the number of sales going on during the holidays, not to mention the plethora of coupons that are put out… it can be easy to find a gift that was requested, but get it out a discount. I have bought a lot of gifts, so appreciate this!
  • Weather in the South. Generally, it is pretty nice in the South in December. Not a lot of stress to worry about snow, and no hurricanes. It was in the upper 60s for the high the day of last weekends wedding. Now there is always the chance of bad weather, but we do generally luck out in December… unlike the majority of the other US regions at this time of year.

So, while I know it is busy time of year in general and there can be a lot of travel and other things going on, I think I would recommend the December wedding… but really only in the South, that less likely chance of a snowstorm matters!

Obligatory photo of my super cute shoes!

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