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Translation Tuesday: Heavens to Betsy

October 25, 2011

Translation Tuesday! I came across this the other day, I don’t actually use it, but it was cracking me up, so I had to share. HEAVENS TO BETSY!

Heavens to Betsy is generally a phrase that is used when someone is surprised, or at times when someone is exasperated by the situation. Examples:

  • Someone walks up behind you and scares you. Instead of saying holy shit (like I might) one could exclaim: heavens to betsy!
  • Or, a child you may be watching (your child, or in my case, a little step-sister) and they ask the SAME question for the tenth time. You may say, heavens to betsy! The I don’t know when we are going to get there!

I really should try to use it more. All my friends completely agree that I need to curse a little less! As I have mentioned in previous posts, there is a t-shirt company that I LOVE that makes shirts with cute Southern saying on them, SweeTea Shirts is the company and their Heavens to Betsy shirt is pictured below!

Heavens to Betsy

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