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Wednesday Wedding Tips: The Thank You Card

October 19, 2011

So, my background in weddings has been explained well enough at this point. My random knowledge of all things etiquette has not been explained. Blame it on the fact that my mother drilled Emily Post into my brain as a child… I know which fork to use in any situation, the proper form of address, even how to curtsy. And where does this fit in with a wedding tip? Well, many places actually, but the focus for today is the thank you note.

I take the thank you note VERY seriously. Actually, I have gotten thank you notes for MY thank you notes! Here is the deal… if people go out of their way to do something for you: buy you a gift, come to an event in your honor, travel to see you, help you plan something… heck, help you make multiple trips to a car to make you life easier… you send that person a thank you note! (This counts for bridal showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal parties, luncheons, etc)

Now, you can use whatever sort of stationary you want… I don’t care if you mail it or hand deliver it or slip it under the door.  Here is what MUST be done though in order for it to matter and be good. 1) Use the person’s name in addressing it. 2) Tell them how much you appreciate the thought and the help/gift/ time/ travel. Be specific. 3) Mention why it matters to you. Finally, and this is very important, hand write the damn thing. I know it may take time, I know it makes the hand cramp, and I know it may involve a lot of thank you cards… but dammit, if someone takes the time to buy you a gift (s), come to an event honoring, you and travel to get there, etc…. you can take the time to hand write a thank you note to them. A side note to this, YOU (or the groom… the bride and groom can both be involved here) should write the notes. Not a family member or friend. I had a friend who was the maid of honor in a wedding and the bride had HER writing the notes- horrible! She even wrote her own thank you note!

One more tip… the of the moment trend in weddings… thank you cards with pictures from the wedding printed on the cover… adorable! I highly recommend it!

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