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Wednesday Wedding Tips: Be a Good Actress

October 12, 2011
Oh so many weddings… which means the same conversation with the random guests on repeat, the same issues repeating themselves, and the joy of biting your tongue when you are tired of doing something or disagree with the people. The key to being a good member of a wedding party…you must be a good actress. It may not mean life or death, and it may not win an academy award but it can mean the difference between content bride and crying bride. And contrary to what my friends think, I actually can lie through my teeth with a smile on my face and you not know it. I am usually a pretty honest person, I don’t mind telling you what I think even if it is not what you want to hear… but I didn’t always do that this past year. Yes, there were times I am sure when my acting skills were not great, but I am 100% convinced that they were pretty dead on 90% of the time. None of my friends will never know how much they hurt my feelings time and time again, how I completely agreed with their parent about something they as the bride was opposed to, or what I really thought of their color/hair/dress/food/photographer/flowers/ etc… because you know what, what I thought about all of those topics really didn’t matter… it wasn’t my wedding. Now, I should point out that I never would have let any of my friends walk down an aisle in something I thought she didn’t look good in or that she would not like later on, but that doesn’t mean I loved everything they picked… but that is why it is THEIR wedding. Their day…  their week and in cases, their months even… and hopefully I was able to support them the way they needed in that moment.
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