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Hot, Hot, Hot!

July 21, 2011

I realize it is hot all over the country, but it is miserable here in the South and especially in my apartment. It is 9:30 at night and it is still 90 something degrees outside. It was over 100 as a temp today, but 115 or so with the heat index. Then, I am convinced that the air conditioning is not working in my apartment… it is 84 degrees in here at 9:30pm and I have it SET to be at 73 degrees. The rental company will be getting a call at about 9:20am… it needs to be cooler. I have replaced my air filter, I keep the blinds shut, I have all the ceiling fans on, and I keep all the doors inside the apartment open for air to flow. I don’t know if there is anything else I can do… I think they need to look at the thing. I realize that it is going to take a while to reach a cool temp with this heat outside… but I left it set at 74 degrees when I left for work this morning…. it shouldn’t have had to cool down, just STAY cool…. it clearly didn’t work.

I think the problem is probably exacerbated by the fact that the people who live people me moved out over the weekend.  I bet the air is off down there and the heat is just building. Ugh. SO HOT. I may be taking an ice cold shower tonight.

The three block walk from my parking garage to my office is BRUTUAL at this point. Really, it is like you walk outside and the air is pushing down and in on you from all directions. I know we are in a heatwave, and this is even unusual for us in the South. The heat combined with the humidity… it is just hard to breathe sometimes and there is literally no escaping it from any direction. EWH and I went walking (well after 7pm) the other day and I literally was swimming in sweat after 10 minutes… swimming in it. And I was downing lots of water the whole time. Oh well, good exercise in a sauna, right? We made a froyo run in the office this afternoon, it had literally melted within two minutes of being outside. Completely melted in TWO minutes.

Here’s to drinking more water and trying to stay cool! And remember… to check on your friends and family who may not have air conditioning!

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