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Be A Good Alum!

May 4, 2011

One of the joys of working at my alma mater is the perk of being able to help out at alumni events. Being the good little alumnus that I am, I signed up for my high school alumni association back in the Fort and my college alumni association as soon as I realized they existed. I appreciate that some of the money for each membership goes to scholarships or to help the schools in some way. They also provide formal avenues to keep in touch with people who also graduated from those places and the opportunity to remain up to date with how the schools are doing and so forth. As an undergrad I was even a member of the student alumni association and loved the unity they provided to the campus. Of course, the college alumni association has all sorts of great discounts and provides access to a lot of great resources. Seriously, I am such an academic dork…. When I started my PhD last year at another school I was pumped because I had access to that school’s library, the library at the school I was working at AND the library at my alma mater… because I was a member of the alumni association J Yes, I totally realize how much of a nerd that statement makes me.

So, now as of this August, I am working back at my alma mater which means that I get to help out and give back. The admissions office held an open house a couple of weeks ago and I worked the table for my office. It was so much fun! Yes, I was there for work, but I talked more about how much I valued my experience there as an undergrad and what great opportunities were available for students than anything else. It was so great to be able to give back like that! Then, one afternoon and evening this past fall I got to help judge a homecoming event! I served as a judge for the semi-final round of theHomecoming Court. We narrowed it down from 21 candidates to 10… 5 guys and 5 gals. All were very qualified candidates… lots of different student organizations and majors represented. We have some really amazing students enrolled here who want to do a lot of good in the world. It was nice to be reminded of that. My constant question in all the interviews was:   “What is your favorite tradition about this school and why.” One or two people mentioned the historic part of campus and studying there. The rest of them however, all talked about something that went along with football. Tailgating, our mascot, our specific intro music, the energy of the student section… like I said in a previous post- football is only second to God down here. However, everything they said… from football to mascots to historic campus quads…. All true and all wonderful.

Love this job, love this place, love what this school has given me and I am thankful I can give back a bit.

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